The Daily-ish Writer

Connect with yourself through writing

What if you could develop a daily practice that documents your life, your growth, and where you’re going?


And in turn it gave you a platform for all of your ideas so you can flesh them out and find the one that will become your next big idea?



This is what Thought Work Journaling gives you. 


If you’re like I was, this is what goes through your mind: 


‘I’m even sure what I think and believe (anymore)’

‘I used to be in touch with my desires but life happened and now I don’t even know what I want’

‘I wish there was an easy way to work through my mental blocks’ 

‘I lost myself for a few years but I’m ready to reconnect and get to know myself again’

‘I don’t have time for more things’

‘I want a daily reminder that I matter’ 

‘I want to start my days intentionally before I turn my attention outwards for the day and give to my work, kids, family, friends, household, etc.’


Ideas are not a problem. You have so many ideas - your mind never shuts off. But it’s hard to sift through all those thoughts and narration.  

Thought Work Journaling is the daily practice that clarifies what’s important from what’s not. So your powerful ideas can get to the surface - and you can actually discover your next big idea.


Thought work journaling is the daily practice that gives you insight into all of the best parts of you that will fuel your creative practice.

Many great artists kept diaries and journals throughout their lives. Frida Kahlo, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Oscar Bluemner, Rubens Peale to name a few.  
They recorded the remarkable, the mundane, current affairs, their activities, thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

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You’ve tried to develop a writing habit before but you’ve:
  • Stopped and started
  • Bought *another* new notebook to inspire you
  • Tried morning pages but the strict three page rule made it impossible to stick to
  • Set another New Year’s goal - only to stop after a few weeks when life got busy
  • Wanted to sit down and write but have no idea what to write about - so it doesn’t happen

None of those worked because they’re not what is really going to move the needle. 

None of those are going to get your idea out there. 

What will get your ideas out there is getting clear on your beliefs and ideas first.

I created The Daily-ish Writer for you.

The Daily-ish Writer is a yearlong program that teaches you how to build the writing habit you desire.

Studies show that journaling:

— Clarifies what you think and feel

— Helps you to know yourself better

— Reduces stress and anxiety

— Enhances self-awareness + boosts mood

— Solve problems more efficiently 

— Improves waking memory

— Improves immune function

— And brings you into the present moment 

Additionally, research shows that long form journaling activates the same parts of the brain as meditation.  

If you’re reading this, you know that journaling is good for you. Just like exercising, eating healthy foods, meditating, and getting enough sleep.


But starting a new habit is hard. There I said it.  

Only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goal. 


You can be part of that 8%.


There are three important practices goal-achievers do:

Begin with the end in mind and they know WHY they’re creating this new habit

Seek out support from someone who has done it before

Create a specific goal that is measurable 

The Daily-ish Writer teaches you how to do all of these and more.


I created a Thought Work Journaling habit that I love and look forward to.

If I can do it, it’s possible for you too. 

And it couldn’t be easier with The Daily-ish Writer.


When you join The Daily-ish Writer


As a Daily-ish Writer member, you get:

366 unique writing prompts shared with you daily 

supportive and thoughtful prompts to discover your next brilliant idea


Creating Habits that Stick training 

science-based training that teaches you exactly HOW to create a successful Thought Work Journaling habit


How to Do Thought Work Journaling training

learn how to work through any sticky situation life throws at you so you can show up feeling empowered and confident in your day and in your work.


Q+A  Forum

submit a question 24/7 and receive a video response from me


When you join, you also get access to:

Year Review workbook

reflect back on this past year and you’ll be clear on what you want to accomplish and create next year


You’ll never wonder what to write about again. 

You'll know how to create any habit you desire.


You get all of this for $365.

The Daily-ish Writer is currently closed for enrollment.

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The Daily-ish Writer is intelligently designed to be need-to-know-only information and supportive - it gives you only what you need to be successful.

When you have a regular Thought Work Journaling practice you are: 

In touch with your inner wisdom

Clear headed and intentional

Better ideas

Knowing what you actually believe

Showing up for YOU first

Timestamp of your creative practice 

A record of the sweet (and mundane) moments of your day

A generative practice that helps you discover your ideas


Within the first two weeks: 

You’ll never wonder what to write about again 

You’ll never doubt that you can create any habit you desire again.

You’ll know exactly HOW to create a sticky habit

You’ll take on a new identity as someone who has a daily-ish writing habit


Thought work journaling is a way to discover your next great idea for your work.

I spent more than 12 years trying to create a journaling habit: 


I bought notebooks. 

I set another New Year’s goal to journal

I created calendar reminders to go off every morning

I tried Morning Pages again

I googled ‘what should I write about?’


None of it worked because that’s not what is really going to move the needle.  

I was missing a few critical pieces of information. 

What will get your ideas out there is getting clear on your beliefs and ideas first.

The way to do that is to create sticky habits and the desire to become someone who has a journaling habit. Both are critical. 


The Daily-ish Writer teaches you both, AND gives you 366 daily writing prompts. You will sit down and know exactly what to write about. Every time.


I’ve created a Thought Work Journaling habit that I look forward to, and my clients do too. It supports my work and helps me discover my next big creative ideas. This Daily-ish Writer is an example of a discovery I made using Thought Work Journaling :). 


I’d love to help create the writing habit you dream about, too.

Thought Work Journaling is a powerful process. While writing occupies the left brain, our right brain is freed up to create, feel, and access our inner wisdom.

THIS practice is what allows you to tap into your genius and discover your next idea that only YOU can create.

“Thought work journaling is my new beloved practice. I never felt like I got a lot out of journaling, but your methods and prompts have been useful in creating insight. Every time I find myself hooked on a thought, I know that something deeper is going on and I have a tool to explore it.” 

- Meghan L.


The Daily-ish Writer is currently closed for enrollment.

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